Vegan cheese – can it ever be as good as the real thing?

In the third episode of Vegan Curious Ashley and Sara travel to Brixton to check out La Fauxmagerie – the UK’s first ever vegan cheese shop.

They  taste some incredible vegan cheeses and talk to shop owners Rachel and Charlotte Stevens about why it is now time for vegan cheese to go mainstream


* Everything you need to know about the massive, smelly, slimy superfood that’s taking over the globe – Jackfruit
* How vegan creme eggs are coming your way very soon
Plus the latest new vegan food lines, new vegan restaurants, bad cheese puns and more

This episode is available on Spotify (click below), Apple iTunes and Anchor.

Links for this episode

La Fauxmagerie

I am Nut Ok

Kinda Co

Tyne Cheas

Naturally Vegan Food Company

Vegan Creme Eggs – Mummy Meagz 

Miami Burger

Jackfruit 365

Guardian article on Jackfruit

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