What no Avocados? What will vegans eat if we get a no deal or hard Brexit?

Ok, so it might have changed by lunchtime, but it seems as if the UK is on the verge of finally quitting the European Union. There’s also the possibility of a no deal Brexit and all the chaos that could entail.

On Tuesday April 2nd the government leaked a letter which talked about the implications if this does happen, and as foodies everywhere already know, importing exotic or interesting foods is not high on an agenda which is designed to insure that the meds keep flowing. Basically get your Banana Blossom and Jackfruit (and maybe even Avocados) while you can.

But even if we do avoid a no deal Brexit, the shift in trading approach does give the UK an opportunity to look again at sustainability. We can grow many exciting crops on these islands, it is just that up until recently we have chosen to import them from elsewhere. In a world where we need to focus on reducing carbon emissions maybe it is time to start planting again on these shores.

One man who is adamant that we need to take the opportunity that Brexit has created is Josiah Meldrum from innovative UK food grower Hodmedod. In our interview he talks about how we need to focus on sustainability/home grown produce.

He explains about how Brexit might end up changing the way that we think about food, and why it might lead to a resurgence in home grown products

You can also learn more about the history of growing beans/pulses in the UK. Hear about the revival of Quinoa as a great British product and hear why sustainability is becoming more and more important to British Farmers.

All this is best listened to while tucking into one of the company’s fantastic food range – I can vouch for the British Baked beans – but try them all.

And what will vegans eat in the event of a no deal Brexit – listen on to find out.

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