Which is the best vegan milk for cereal, coffee, tea…

In this episode of Vegan Curious Ashley and Sara take on the issue that divides vegans everywhere – namely which is the best nut milk? What should you use for coffee, cereal and hot chocolate, and can tea made with non dairy milk ever be drinkable?

They also wonder why coffee shops are still charging extra for non-dairy milks…

* Sara also reviews three different types of vegan ice cream – including the new Vegan Magnum

* Ashley also makes Sara eat Badger’s vegan tuna mayonnaise and the seaweed superfood Dulse

* A review of The End Of Meat –  a film that looks at what will happen to the world when eating meat is finally history

* Sara also tries out London’s poshest veggie restaurant – Vanilla Black

Listen on Spotify or here on Anchor

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