Why it is time for Quorn to ditch the dairy

As most British vegans know all too well, Quorn do some cracking vegan products, but not as many as they really ought to. I, like many other vegans I suspect, have usually given the company the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe they are in the process of phasing the dairy element of Quorn out to make their whole range vegan.

Which is why it is all the more annoying that the company’s latest range of sandwiches and wraps are veggie and not vegan. They look really good too with ham and chicken style sandwiches and sweet chilli wraps, but they all feature dairy products.

Quorn does offer vegan products like the recently launched Fishless Fingers as well as their Ultimate Burger and Vegan Nuggets. And as you may not know those Greggs sausage rolls you have been tucking into since January, well the sausage bit is Quorn.

Also I do understand that there is a huge market of vegetarians that Quorn is aiming at and that the sandwiches feature existing veggie products. It just seems such as missed opportunity to roll out the new sarnies and alienate a good chunk of your potential audience. Surely it can’t be that hard to ditch the dairy- and when they have done (Greggs’ sausage rolls) it has proved hugely popular.

Over to you Quorn…

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